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Business Communication Systems

Business Communication Systems provides students with the opportunity to study modern business activity and develop skills needed for a diverse range of business roles.

Throughout their course students will investigate how ICT has revolutionised the modern business environment whilst also learning about the practicalities and operations of business organisations.  In addition, students are given the opportunity to develop valuable ICT Skills in Microsoft Applications such as Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher.  In their Controlled Assessment task students learn how to design and develop their own website.

Students will also develop knowledge of Business and ICT issues in the workplace.  This will include topics such as:

  • Business Organisations
  • The Business Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • ICT in the Business Environment
  • Computer Applications in the Business Environment
Assessment Weighting

Use of ICT

External Computer based exam.



The Business Environment

Written based exam.




Controlled assessment


Reasons why a student would enjoy this course

This course is very relevant to today’s business world and helps students understand the changing role of ICT in business and economic activities. It also helps develop learners’ understanding of the changes imposed on modern business through new technologie s and the growth of e-commerce.

This course helps students develop practical ICT and business skills that are useful in a diverse range of employment roles. Additionally it provides a sound foundation for students wishing to study business courses at an Advanced Level.