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Our world is a dynamic and unpredictable place. Geography explains why and will help prepare you for those changes. We study OCR A Geography which is modern, relevant and challenging.

Geographers can:

  • Handle data
  • Ask questions and find answers
  • Make decisions about an issue
  • Think creatively and independently

Geographers are:

  • Good communicators
  • Problem solvers
  • Good team players
  • Computer literate

How is it marked?

GCSE geography is examined through two written exams (one long, one short) and one piece of coursework.

Paper 1 has three parts: Extreme Environments, Similarities and Differences in Settlement and Population and the Global Citizen. The paper is 1¾ hours and worth 50%.
Paper 2 is a skills based paper (including mapwork). These skills will be practised as we investigate our topics. This is 1 hour paper and is worth 25%.
Coursework- involves local fieldwork. Students will have to plan, investigate and write up this work in school under controlled conditions. It is worth 25%.

What will I learn about?

Extreme environments takes us on a journey round the globe from the hot deserts of the Sahara to one of the highest places in the world, the Andes. We study moving mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. What are the challenges in different climates and how do people survive there? What happens when there is an earthquake? Similarities and Differences in Settlement and Population compares UK and one of the fastest growing countries in the world, India. Why does what happens in India affect us? Why is India growing so fast? What do we think of India? What does the rest of the world think of the UK? How does population change affect cities? The Global Citizen focuses on the dependency between countries in a world market. Where are products made? How do they travel to us? How much does it cost? How much are workers paid in different countries?

The transferable skills which Geography fosters (like literacy, numeracy and communication skills) are useful in the world of employment. Geography is about the future of our world and encourages flexible thinking, as well as providing a firm base for life-long learning. It links well with other GCSEs such as Science, Maths, English, History and Business Studies. You will enjoy this course if you are willing to work hard and have an interest in the issues which affect our world.