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Mathematics is an integral part of everyday life and it is essential that students obtain a qualification in mathematics. To accommodate this we are offering both GCSE Mathematics and CCEA Numeracy Essential Skills.

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics is a linear course.
Students are required to sit 2 papers:
1 Calculator paper

1 Non- Calculator paper

Each paper lasts 1 hour 45 minutes

The grade students obtain depends on the tier they are entered for.

Higher level:
Grades:    A*    A    B    C    D
Foundation level:
Grades:    C    D    E    F    G

Assessment Objectives and Weightings

Assessment Objective   % in GCSE
1 Recall and use their knowledge of the prescribed content 45% - 55%
2 Select and apply mathematical methods in a range of contexts 25% - 35%
3 Interpret and analyse problems and generate strategies to solve them 15% - 25%
  TOTAL 100%