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“All the sounds of the earth are like music.” Oscar Hammerstein.

*You must have achieved Grade One on an instrument (or voice) before the end of the course. *

This two-year course builds on the knowledge that you have already acquired from primary school through to the present day. Over the two years you will actively make and respond to music through composition, performance and listening to a wide variety of musical styles and traditions. At the end of the course you will be assessed in each of these areas.



You will compose TWO contrasting pieces of music (lasting 3 – 6 minutes in total) and keep a diary or log.



You will perform ONE solo and ONE ensemble piece (each lasting no more than 5 minutes) and be able to
discuss your performances with an external assessor.



You will listen to and appraise a range of music from THREE areas of study. There will be a 90 minute test, based on your learning, at the end of the course.

What can this course do for me?

You will develop your literacy, numeracy, communication and listening skills.
You will develop an understanding of different cultures and traditions.
Amongst other things, this course will develop your understanding of the power of music and the skills required to be successful in the music industry.

Whichever way you see yourself using music in the future – as a performer, a composer, teaching your chosen instrument, classroom teacher or therapist – this course will steer you in the right direction!

Music is a universal language. Isn’t it time that you had your say?