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Religious Education

GCSE Religious Education is available in the full course or short course option.

Full course

You will study two units and take two externally assessed written examinations, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes with one paper for each unit studied. Grades are awarded from A* to G.

What will I study?

The life and ministry of Jesus
How the life of Jesus influences people today
Care for the environment, equality, matters of life and death, personal and family issues, war and peace.

What’s in it for me?

Whether you go on to study at university or college, or go out into the world of work, you will meet people from all walks of life with different religious and moral opinions. GCSE Religious Studies will help you understand and appreciate them.

Religious Studies is a valuable entry qualification to post 16 education, AS and A levels, NVQs and to other further education opportunities. All universities accept and welcome students with Religious Studies onto a variety of courses in Humanities, Arts and Sciences as well as to specific courses in Religious Studies.

In the world of work employers look for someone with an enquiring mind, an appreciation of different viewpoints, an ability to come to clear, balanced decisions. These skills are developed through Religious Studies.

Being able to evaluate differing opinions will help you to develop similar skills in your other subjects.

Religious Studies provides you with the chance to study issues and questions that matter: What’s the value of life? What beliefs will you live by? What different ideas about God and life after death are there? In studying religion you will be able to develop your own thoughts and ideas about moral and ethical issues and questions of belief. This is why some people call Religious Studies ‘The Science of Life.’

How do I decide? 

As with all subjects, you should choose Religious Education because you enjoy it and find it interesting – not because your friends are taking it.  Listen to advice from others, weigh it up, and then make your own choice.

For those not choosing to study full course, one of the following options will be provided i.e. short course or entry level.