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Latest News

10LSC Zoo Trip


In English, 10LSC have just finished their class novel, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom.’  It is about a boy who gets shipwrecked on a desert island.  He encounters wildlife such as gibbons and orang-utans and the book is about survival.

To link in with the themes of the book we visited Belfast Zoo on Monday 25th June to learn more about wildlife under threat as well as conservation efforts to save animals from extinction. The class handled animals such as pythons, giant snails and stick insects.

The weather was terrific and we all made it to the top of the zoo after an exhausting walk.  Along the way we found out information about over forty animals including elephants, gorillas, tigers, kangaroos and zebras.

10LSC Zoo Trip

Back to School Uniform Project


The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership’s Down Locality Planning Group is supporting families in the Downpatrick area to get ready for school.

Please click here to view details about the 'Back to School Uniform Project' in the Downpatrick area.

A Romanian version is available by clicking here. 

Back to School Uniform Project