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Latest News

Literacy Mat

28/11/18 |

Please click below to download a digital verison of the College Literacy Mat currently being used in classes. 

Whether you’re preparing for a speaking and listening task, or completing reading or writing work, the Literacy Mat is a useful tool for editing and self-assessment.

Reading and Writing

Speaking and Listening 

SERC Taster Day

16/11/18 |

SERC are holding a Taster Day to allow those with Additional Needs to make the transition to college.

Venue: SERC Downpatrick on the 18th January 2019 from 9:30am until 12:00.

This is mostly for those with Statements of Special Educational Needs and those thinking of going to Job Club.

Halloween Activities

06/11/18 |

The Year 11 Prince’s Trust group decided to hold a Halloween activity afternoon for KS3 as part of their Enterprise Project unit of work. KS3 pupils participated in a range of games and events including musical chairs, pass the parcel and a fancy dress competition. There was also a tuck shop, face painting and a photo booth complete with props! The Year 11s did a fantastic job and the KS3 pupils enjoyed themselves. In the end the group managed to make £110 profit which will go towards a trip for the group and their formal in year 12.


Restart a Heart day

19/10/18 |

Year 8 pupils participated in ‘Restart a Heart day’ on Tuesday 16th October. Restart a Heart day is an initiative developed and launched by the European Resuscitation Council to teach members of the public to help someone who has suffered from a cardiac arrest. Our school joined many people, organisations and communities across Northern Ireland. The whole year group was trained in emergency life support and now know how to administer lifesaving CPR.


LSC Taster Day

18/09/18 |

LSC Taster Day Thursday 27th September 10AM - 1PM.

At Blackwater we are very proud of the fact that we cater for students of all abilities. We have excellent provision at Key Stage 3 in our Learning Support Centre (Unit) which caters for a very wide range of Special Educational Needs.

See details below for our Open Day on 27th September 

Contact the College for more details: 028 4461 2115

10LSC Zoo Trip

25/06/18 |

In English, 10LSC have just finished their class novel, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom.’  It is about a boy who gets shipwrecked on a desert island.  He encounters wildlife such as gibbons and orang-utans and the book is about survival.

To link in with the themes of the book we visited Belfast Zoo on Monday 25th June to learn more about wildlife under threat as well as conservation efforts to save animals from extinction. The class handled animals such as pythons, giant snails and stick insects.

The weather was terrific and we all made it to the top of the zoo after an exhausting walk.  Along the way we found out information about over forty animals including elephants, gorillas, tigers, kangaroos and zebras.


Back to School Uniform Project

21/06/18 |

The Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership’s Down Locality Planning Group is supporting families in the Downpatrick area to get ready for school.

Please click here to view details about the 'Back to School Uniform Project' in the Downpatrick area.

A Romanian version is available by clicking here. 

Streamvale Trip

31/05/18 |

9LSC recently completed their farming topic in Geography. To better understand the daily running of a working farm we visited Streamvale on 29th May 2018.

On the trip we got to better experience the pastoral side of farming. In the milking parlour we learned more about which cows were used for dairy and beef farming.  
Some of the milk collected here is used to make ice cream on site which is then sold in the café.  Other uses for it are in local cream, cheese and yogurt products.

In class we learned that farms are including new fun activities in order to help attract more visitors to sustain and develop themselves. 

At Streamvale this includes barrel and tractor rides, a go-kart course, nature trails, dog agility shows and a zipline.

Overall it was a scorching hot fun day out which pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed.



KS3 Examinations June 2018

29/05/18 |

KS3 examinations will take place from Tuesday 12th June - Thursday 14th June.

Please click here to view the timetable.

Success for Former Blackwater Pupil

11/05/18 |

On Tuesday 1st May CCEA held their annual Celebration of Achievement Awards in the prestigious 'Titanic Belfast'.

John Irvine, who left Blackwater in June 2017, was awarded Student of the Year 2017 in Essential Skills Entry 3 Literacy.  This was for consistently superb work completed at Blackwater IC throughout the course.

John is currently an apprentice with Fusion Heating in Moneyreagh.  He also attends SERC Downpatrick where he is completing his Level 2 in joinery. At Blackwater we are thrilled to have been able to support John through his studies and wish him further success in the future.

11VP Fundraising

04/05/18 |

Grand total raised by 11VP for the Ten Foundations is an amazing £545

Raised this through selling bags made by ladies in the Philippines, a bun sale and a charity afternoon involving Bingo and Dance Off activities.

Huge thanks to all the pupils and staff who supported the events - you are wonderful!

11VP Pop Up Shop

19/04/18 |

Mrs Ward’s Yr11 CoPE class will be opening a Pop Up Shop on Monday 23rd April for one week. Pupils will be selling Backpacks and Lunch Bags in connection with the Ten Foundations, a local charity which helps vulnerable adults and children in the Philippines. This is a non profit organisation and the proceeds of the bags go directly to the women who made them. This charity teaches women a skill which will help them provide for their families for the rest of their lives. The Ten Foundations charity runs two programmes in the Philippines, a Livelihood Programme and an Education Programme.

 Backpacks are £20 and lunch bags are £10.


Open Evening

05/01/18 |

Open Evening Wednesday 10th January

Principal's address at 7:00pm

  • GCSE results well above the NI average for non-selective schools
  • Accelerated learning groups in each year at Key Stage 3
  • Provision for academic and vocational qualifications at Key Stage 4
  • Specialist SEN provision through our Learning Support Centre

Open Morning Wednesday 31st January 9:30am

Year 12 CoPE class deliver Twiddlemuffs

12/12/17 |

Some of Year 12 CoPE class pictured delivering Twiddlemuffs that they made to Ringdufferin Nursing Home. The Twiddlemuffs were made through a project carried out by the Year 12 CoPE class.  Research has shown that patients with dementia benefit from having these Twiddlemuffs as they give them something to fidget with.


December Examinations

24/11/17 |

December examinations will take place 29th-30th November.  Please click here to view a timetable for all year groups.

Free Microsoft Office

21/11/17 |

With Black Friday and Christmas on the horizon staff and students (or parents for students) may be planning to purchase new personal devices including tablets.

To avoid the unnecessary purchase of MS Office please remember that there is no need to purchase MS Office as it available free with a C2k username on up to 5 personal devices in 4 easy steps

  •        Visit http://portal.office.com
  •        Enter C2k username in the format  auser123@c2ken.net
  •        At the next box enter (i) your C2k username auser123 and (ii) password from school
  •        Download the version of MS Office you require

Carson Awards

25/10/17 |

Jordyn Wilson, Rebecca Casement and Ellie Coburn joined Miss Jones at the Carson Awards last week. The Carson Bursary funded two design projects in Blackwater this year. Rebecca worked with Miss Jones and the students of Downpatrick Primary School to complete a batik wall tapestry, Jordyn created a digital poster using an iPad Pro. We are looking forward to taking part in the Carson Awards again next year!


School Closure Tuesday 17th October

16/10/17 |

Storm Ophelia: Blackwater Integrated College will remain closed tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October, following advice from the Department of Education. 

Youth Club Quiz Night

03/10/17 |

See flyer for more details.

Lunchtime Club

15/09/17 |

Lunch time club for students with English as a second language is available in the group room.

Monday 12:35 (Junior lunch)

Thursday 1:15 (Senior lunch)

Year 10 Visit Belfast Zoo

28/06/17 |

In English, 10LSC have just finished their class novel, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom.’  It is about a boy called Michael who becomes shipwrecked on a desert island.  He encounters wildlife such as Gibbons and Orang-utans and the book is about his motivation to survive against all odds with an unlikely ally he meets along the way.

To link in with the themes of the book we visited Belfast Zoo on Monday 19th June to learn more about wildlife under threat as well as conservation efforts to save animals from extinction. The class handled animals such as Pythons, Sahara hedgehogs and Brazilian tree frogs.

The sun was splitting the trees the entire day and we all made it to the top of the Zoo after an exhausting walk.  Along the way we got to find out information about over forty animals including penguins, tigers, bears and otters.

Success for Former Blackwater Pupil

02/05/17 |

On Tuesday 25th April CCEA held their annual Celebration of Achievement Awards in the prestigious Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast.

Karl Scott, who left Blackwater in June 2016 was nominated and won. He was awarded Student of the Year 2016 for stellar work completed at Blackwater IC during his Essential Skills Level 2 Communication course. Karl displayed dedication and commitment to his studies and overcame many personal obstacles in the pursuit of success.

At Blackwater we are thrilled to have been able to support Karl through his studies and wish him further success in the future.

GCSE Examinations

28/04/17 |

GCSE examinations are commencing shortly.

A link to the exam timetable is available by clicking here.

A revision timetable was sent home with pupils this week, this is available at the following link:  Year 12 revision exam timetable.

Blackwater Marathon Challenge

25/04/17 |

Ten Staff at Blackwater have decided to try and help raise some funds for the College by taking part in the Belfast Marathon on May 1st.

The staff have decided to challenge themselves to split into two teams and take part in legs of the Belfast Marathon. Sadly Mo Farrah and Usain Bolt have nothing to fear in terms of running records but we are all keen to push ourselves to achieve some personal bests and raise some vital funds for the college. The two teams taking on the challenge this year are:

Mental Soles
1. Mr McAlorum
2. Mrs Ward
3. Mrs Thomas
4. Mrs Millington
5. Miss Jones

Scrambled Legs
1. Mrs Love
2. Mr Taylor
3. Mr Love
4. Mr Sunerton
5. Mrs Burch

As digital technology takes an ever-increasing role in pupils’ education we feel it is vitally important that we keep our ICT equipment up-to-date around the school. We need this equipment to ensure our pupils can survive and prosper as successful digital citizens. Sadly with continuous cuts to education and a lack of decision making in Stormont some of our computer equipment in our Library now needs replaced urgently.

You can donate to the challenge by clicking here or sending sponsorship money direct to the College.  A raffle draw with some special prizes was sent home with pupils this week and can be view at this link.

Please click here to watch a video showing the teams in training!

Good luck to all staff involved!


Student Council London Trip

10/04/17 |

We experienced what it is like to be an MP during their tour of the House of Lords and House of Commons and learned a lot about the history of Parliament at Westminster in the Education’s Centre.

My favourite part was walking on the Queen’s new carpet in her robe room; we were some of the first to walk on it, even before the Queen!

After our tour we took a ride on the London Eye. At the top we could see all over the city. It is a lot bigger than Belfast and stretched to the Horizon in all directions! We finished off our trip shopping in Covent Garden. The pupils and staff had an amazing time, even with the 4am start and not landing back in Belfast until after 10pm. It was a long day, but it was great to see London, travel by plane, train and underground.

Aaron Cooper 12KL.



Downpatrick Primary School Visit Art Department

04/04/17 |

Congratulations to the P6 pupils from Downpatrick Primary School who worked together to create this fantastic wall-hanging display during their Batik workshops at Blackwater Integrated College.

Year 9 HTML SHED Coding Event

24/03/17 |

Year 9 students from Saint Mary’s, De La Salle and Blackwater Integrated College took part in a coding event in Saint Mary’s High School.  This provided students with the opportunity to meet with students from the other schools and to progress their computer programming skills from last year in a shared learning environment. An enjoyable morning was had by all staff and students involved.

Many thanks and congratulations to all those involved, some excellent examples of work were produced. Clear evidence of great progress being made by all students involved in the event.  Well done Year 9 ICT students! The ICT teachers in each school are extremely proud of the progress that you are making.

Downpatrick Primary School begin Art workshop

13/03/17 |

Pictured is some of the fantastic work that has been created by the Primary 6 students from Downpatrick Primary School during their first Art workshop at BIC. They have used hot wax and dyes to create these stunning 'batik' pieces. We look forward to seeing them again over the next few weeks to complete this project.

Year 8 students take part in ‘Living Art Installation’

13/03/17 |

Year 8 students took part in a 'Living Art Installation' in Downpatrick Museum. The event was part of the Roses from the Heart project remembering the Irish women transported from the jail to Tasmania. Pupils from the school previously took part in making the bonnets.

16+ Options - Employment and Education Fair

24/02/17 |

16+ Options: Education & Employment

Where: Belfast Royal Academy

When: Saturday 25th February 2017.

Course aims:

To provide young autistic adults and their parent/carer and educators information on what pathways are available approaching the end of post primary education.  
Mr Adam Harris, founder of ASIAM is the keynote speaker at this event.  Adam will give insight into his personal experience of living with autism. 
There will also be speakers from the Education Authority Transition Service, Cedar Foundation Education & Employment, Belfast Metropolitan College and the NAS Transition and Advice team.
Other organisations which support the transition to education and employment will also be present on the day to answer questions.

How: The training event is free of charge, but the young autistic adult, parent, carer and educators do need to book a place online at https://www.middletownautism.com/training-for-parents/item/1630/16-options-employment-and-education-fair/

Contact details: Centre for Autism - 028 37515750 or email admin@middletownautism.com

Homework Hub

04/01/17 |

Homework Hub will start again on Wednesday 11th January and will operate on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

Shared Education Project - St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Collection

19/12/16 |

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our hamper collection.

The three schools (Blackwater Integrated College, De La Salle and St Mary's) did this as part of our Shared Education Project.

SVP were overwhelmed by the generosity and even had to give some away to Downpatrick food bank and other SVP branches.

Blackwater Open Evening

19/12/16 |

Blackwater Integrated College Open Evening will be held on 10th January 2017.

The Principal's address will begin at 7PM.

An open morning will also be held on Friday 27th January 2017 from 9:15AM - 10:15AM.

Please click here to view some information on life at Blackwater.

Integrate my School

06/12/16 |

The IEF has developed a website which aims to inform parents and schools about integrated education and to provide parents with an opportunity to register that they want their school to transform to integrated status.   This platform for gathering and recording the wishes of parents regarding the NI education system will be supported by printed materials which replace the IEF’s previous transformation information leaflets.

The Integrate My School platform can be found at   www.integratemyschool.com

Extended Schools:  evening sessions for parents and friends

23/11/16 |


Following the success of the after school programmes for students, we are now able to offer a series of evening courses for parents and other family members and friends.

Two classes will run on four  Thursday evenings, beginning on 24 November.

Sew What ? will offer participants a chance to develop basic sewing skills and create some small items.

Christmas Ceramics will focus on working with clay to create  Christmas decorations.

Each class will last for one hour from 7-8pm and will be taken by a member of the teaching staff.

Numbers are limited so if you are interested please contact the college on 02844 612115  to enrol.

A waiting list will be opened if all places are filled and a further series of classes may run next term.

There is no cost for these classes but you may wish to make a donation to cover equipment and materials.

New Programme Teaching Irish and Ulster-Scots in Blackwater Integrated College

21/11/16 | Integrated Education

Blackwater Integrated College will begin facilitating a new six-week cultural programme with one of their year 9 classes during November.  The objective of the programme, designed by the Ulster-Scots Agency and Foras na Gaeilge, is to provide students with an introduction to Irish language and Ulster-Scots culture, heritage and language.  Students will look at the similarities of Irish and Ulster-Scots, in addition to looking into how the two languages differ before exploring their own individual identity looking at their heritage and genealogy.

The programme has been designed specifically for post-primary Integrated schools and fits within the curriculum area of Learning for Life and Work.

Ian Crozier, Chief Executive of the Ulster-Scots Agency said ‘We are delighted to be facilitating this new cultural programme in Blackwater Integrated College.  Ulster-Scots is an important part of all curriculum areas with its rich culture, heritage, inventors, music and language.  This introductory programme will allow students to explore the various cultures in Northern Ireland today, allowing them to recognise our similarities and celebrate diversity.’

Seán Ó Coinn from Foras na Gaelige said ‘We are happy to be involved in this project that encompasses both the Irish language and Ulster-Scots culture and language, working side by side. We feel that this course provides an excellent opportunity to give our young people a deeper understanding to our similarities and differences in a positive and fun way. We are delighted that Blackwater Integrated College is participating in this forward thinking project and we are looking forward to engaging with the College pupils.’

Year 10 Enjoy Ardnabannon Residential

27/10/16 |

Year 10 students recently enjoyed a residential at Ardnabannon Outdoor Education Centre.

Activities included:

  • Zip Line
  • Bouldering
  • Night Walk
  • Full day hiking in the Mourne Mountains
  • Orienteiring
  • Archery
  • Abseiling
  • Rock Climbing

Extended Schools 2016/2017

12/10/16 |

Please click here to view current activities on offer for extened schools.

See Ms Gilmore for more information or to sign up!

Year 11 CoPE class host successful Coffee Morning

07/10/16 |

Well done to Year 11 CoPE class who raised £150 today for Macmillan Cancer Research. Mrs Ward gave Star Baker awards to James Fryar's mum who sent in beautiful chocolate cupcakes and Adam Walker's mum and sister who sent in a mountain of treats. Huge thanks to all who supported our event.



Pupils represent College at Carson Awards.

07/10/16 |

Ellie Coburn, Jodie Montgomery and Jordyn Wilson represented the College at The Carson Awards on the 22nd of September. Talented young artists and performers from around Northern Ireland gathered to celebrate their work at a showcase event which demonstrated the legacy of the late and legendary Frank Carson.

Thanks to the Carson Bursary for funding our collaborative ceramic project with Killyleagh Primary School.


Year 11 CoPE Press Release

30/09/16 |

YEAR 11 CoPE Press Release

Year 11 CoPe bake sale on 6th October -  all money goes to Macmillan Cancer Research.

Donations of tasty treats would be greatly appreciated but more importantly remember your purses and dig deep.

If pupils and staff support us you could ensure that Macmillan can research more breakthroughs and help families struggling through cancer.

Thank you,


History trip to Carrickfergus Castle

16/09/16 |

Year 9 students visited Carrickfergus Castle recently. This complimented their programme of study in History. Pupils had a guided tour of an authentic Norman Castle and also visited the museum.


Blackwater Students Record GCSE Success

30/08/16 |

Blackwater Integrated College has been celebrating the success of Year 12 students in this year’s GCSE exams.

Outgoing Head Boy Anthony Roberts had his efforts rewarded with grades A-C in ten subjects including Maths and English:  Jenny Courtney, Orin Ferguson and  Sarah-Jane Irvine recorded the same results.  Aston Weaver earned grades A-C in eleven subjects.

Of particular note was the success of students following the College’s vocational programme. As an all ability College, the staff at Blackwater are very proud of the achievements of the vocational programme class of 2015/16 who delivered the highest ever performance with 66% of students gaining 5 GCSE or equivalent qualifications at grade C.

GCSE Results

24/08/16 |

GCSE results can be collected from 8.30am on Thursday 25th August from the College. Good luck to all our year 12 students! There will be staff available on the day for any advice on your next steps.

Blackwater Students Visit Finnebrogue

08/06/16 |

Blackwater students at the opening of Finnebrogue Artisan food processing facility in Downpatrick where they also met the First Minister and other dignitaries.


School Visit to London 2016

05/05/16 | School Trip

On Friday 11 March a group of twelve students from Blackwater Integrated College were privileged to visit the House of Commons and the House of Lords in London.

The students who were selected to go were chosen because of their contribution to the school community for example volunteering and being part of the Student Council.

It was a long day with an early morning flight from Belfast International and a late return flight that night.

We managed to see Platform 9 ¾ in Charing Cross Station, walk to Buckingham Palace from Trafalgar Square and then we had our tour of the Houses of Parliament.

Our final stop was the London Eye where we were elevated to get great views of the city of London.

Finally we got back on the tube and caught a train back to the Airport.

The day was a fantastic success. Many thanks to the House of Commons Education Service for giving us the chance to learn about democracy and to see the city of London.

When the students were asked why we should repeat the trip next year, they replied

‘We have to go’- Ryan

‘It was very educational’ – Reece and Bailie

‘It was interesting and we learnt by seeing the things’- Grace

GCSE Examinations

27/04/16 |

GCSE examinations will be taking place from 13th May.  A full timetable of examinations is available by clicking here.

Upcoming examinations will also appear at the bottom of the homepage.

10LSC Visit Belfast Zoo

25/04/16 |

In English, 10LSC have just finished their class novel, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom.’  It is about a boy called Michael who becomes shipwrecked on a desert island.  He encounters wildlife such as Gibbons and Orang-utans and the book is about his motivation to survive against all odds with an unlikely ally he meets along the way.

To link in with the themes of the book we visited Belfast Zoo on Tuesday 19th April to learn more about wildlife under threat as well as conservation efforts to save animals from extinction. The class handled animals such as Pythons, Sahara hedgehogs and Brazilian tree frogs.

The sun was splitting the trees the entire day and we all made it to the top of the Zoo after an exhausting walk.  Along the way we got to find out information about over forty animals including penguins, tigers, bears and otters.


ASD Event 25th May

21/03/16 |

Please click here for more information on an ASD event taking place on 25th May at EANI Headquarters.

Information for Parents of Students with Anxiety and Autism

21/03/16 |

Middletown Centre for Autism would like to survey  parents of children aged 10 to 18 years who have autism and observable anxiety within their home and school environments.   The aim of this study is to explore the impact that anxiety management training has for parents and their children.

Further information on the research study is provided in an Information is found on https://www.middletownautism.com/parent-training-webpage-anxiety-project

Registration closes on 5th April 2016.

Any further enquiries can be sent to research@middletownautism.com or telephone 028 3751 5750.

Free Microsoft Office

11/03/16 |

A reminder that Microsoft Office is available to all students free of charge.

With Office 365, you will now have access to the latest version of Word, for writing; Excel, for spreadsheets; PowerPoint, for presentations; OneNote, for organisation and note taking; and much more.

• Install on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets (including iPad!)

For instructions on how to download please click here.

Nexus NI Workshops

10/03/16 |

Nexus NI will be running workshops in school on internet safety and healthy relationships.

Internet safety will be covered on 15th March 2016 and will be for Years 8-10.  This will examine the appropriate use of social media, staying safe on line and the consequences of using social media inappropriately.

Further information can be viewed by reading the circular sent home by clicking here.

Year 11 Exams and Controlled Assessment

22/02/16 |

Year 11 will have a period of internal examinations and Controlled Assessment from Monday 29th February to Wednesday 3rd March.

Please click here to view the timetable.

BBC TEN Pieces

29/01/16 | Music

Presenting the final composition which some of our students made with the BBC for the launch of the Secondary School Ten Pieces Classical music campaign.  Sounds were made by the students and then recorded in the classroom to create this musical composition. The students and staff, are delighted with the results! No musical instruments were injured in the making of this piece!

Please click here to view the final composition.


Changes to Bus Times

28/01/16 |

Please note the following changes to bus timetables.  Buses will arrive five minutes earlier at the below locations.

The route and new times of the buses are as follows:-

  • Moneyreagh – 07.50
  • Ballygowan – 07.58
  • Saintfield High School – 08.08
  • Saintfield Bus Lay-By – 08.13
  • Crossgar Chapel – 08.21
  • Bells Hill – 08.24
  • Downpatrick Bus Centre – 08.33


Open Morning

11/01/16 |

Are you a parent of a P6 or P7 child looking at secondary school options and missed our Open Night?

Don't worry - we are having an Open Morning so come along to the College from 9.15am until 10.30am on Wednesday 27th January.

You will get to see around the college and meet staff and students. We got our best GCSE results ever in 2015 with 79% students achieving 5 or more A* - C and 50% students achieving 5 or more A* - C inc. English and Maths.

We promise you won't be disappointed.

10 Reasons to go to Blackwater Integrated College

04/01/16 |

1. Excellent academic results in comparison to other similar local schools and NI exam averages.

2. Small class sizes.

3. Integrated ethos with a strong emphasis on parental involvement.

4. Structured pastoral care aimed at supporting academic success and a successful induction.

5. Accelerated learning groups for more academically able.

6. Transport links from a range of areas.

7. Small school setting with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

8. Special Needs Unit and specialism in teaching mainstream statemented students.

9. Dedicated and specialist staff in all subject areas.

10. Good links with primary schools to aid transition.


From farm to fork in under 12 hours!

03/12/15 |

This week Year 10 pupils have been dazzling Mrs McBrearty with their skills as they undertake their practical assessments in Home Economics. The pupils work in groups to prepare, cook and serve a three course meal in 90 minutes.

All pupils have been fantastic but one who stood out for a very good reason was Heather Steele in 10AC. Heather and her cousin grow a variety of potatoes called Queens on her family farm in Hilltown and at half past twelve the night before her exam Heather dug fresh potatoes. She used them to make both mashed and roast potatoes and served them along with chicken, ham and vegetables. It would be hard to find more local, seasonal produce!

In conjunction with completing their Home Economics practical the pupils have been using their iPads to photograph each stage of the cooking process. These photos will be used to create videos in their ICT lessons.  Their videos will be posted on the website so everyone can follow the steps and make their own delicious meals.


Free Microsoft Office For All Pupils

02/12/15 |

To all students,

In order to help students to prepare for success this school year, every student can download Microsoft Office free of charge.

With Office 365, you will now have access to the latest version of Word, for writing; Excel, for spreadsheets; PowerPoint, for presentations; OneNote, for organization and note taking; and much more.

• Install on up to 5 compatible PCs and Macs, plus 5 tablets (including iPad!)

For instructions on how to download please click here.

BBC Visit Blackwater

02/12/15 |

The BBC are making four exemplar videos for the launch of the Secondary School Ten Pieces Classical music campaign.  For the musical composition exemplar, they chose to record some students at Blackwater Integrated Colege making sounds (eg beating on the strings of the piano or clicking pens).

These were then recorded in the classroom and will be used to create a musical composition, due for public release on January 14th 2016.  It opened their eyes to looking at how all sounds can be potentially reworked to create a musical composition – it just takes a bit of imagination and daring!

Everyone can be involved in the process of invention, not just those who have had the opportunity to learn to play a conventional instrument.

Student Council Deliver Christmas Cards

02/12/15 |

The cold wintery weather didn’t stop our Student Council from venturing out on a drizzly Friday afternoon to deliver Christmas cards to our neighbours.  We want to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and send out an invitation to the College’s annual Christmas Fair.

Parents’ Association Christmas Fair

02/12/15 |

It is time for our annual Christmas Fair. Come and get into the Christmas spirit – buy some gifts, enjoy some refreshments and have some fun!

Tuesday 8 December 2015 @ 6.30 – 8.30 in College

Admission: Adults - £3 Children - free

This year Santa will be arriving and setting up his grotto in a vintage ambulance. All believers are invited to visit him, receive a small gift and have their photo taken with the ‘big man in red’!


Please click here to view more information including a list of raffle prizes, many of which have been donated by local businesses.  To be in with a winning chance just print your name and contact number in the spaces provided. The cost is £1 per line and is open to all your family and friends. The draw will take place in the College at the end of the Fair. Don’t miss out on your chance to win one of these fantastic prizes!!

Winter Examinations

23/11/15 | General

Winter Examinations for Years 8-10 will take place between Wednesday 2nd December and Friday 4th December.

Mock Examinations for Years 11 and 12 will take place between Wednesday 2nd December and Monday 7th December.

Timetables for various year groups are available by clicking the links below:

New Internet Safety Online Portal Launched

20/11/15 | General

A new online portal has been launched for parents and carers by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)

A great resource to help protect children online.

Please click here for more information.

Student Council Clean Up Downpatrick

16/11/15 | General

With gloves, bin bags and litter picks in hand, our student council set off into Downpatrick determined to tidy up our town.

Focusing on the Quoile area, we collected four full bin bags of rubbish.  We are very proud of the hard work we did that afternoon, and hope that everyone will unite in keeping our town tidy.

Year 8 Study Skills

10/11/15 | School Event

Our Year 8 students spent this morning finding out about how best to revise and prepare for exams which take place in December.

Mrs McVeigh and Mrs Newburn delivered a lively and interactive programme of activities to support the students’ learning.

Feedback from students indicates that they now feel confident about using techniques like mindmaps, flash cards, 5Ws so hopefully they are now well prepared to work for the forthcoming exams.

Upcoming Events

10/11/15 |

Please click here to view a recent circular detailing some important events during November and December.

Homework Hub

10/11/15 |

Please click here to view the Homework Hub timetable for November and December.

Middletown Autism Training

10/11/15 |

In association with Middletown School for Autism

Post Primary Visual Strategies for Adolescents, Make and Take Training.

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·         Venue : Priory Integrated School, Holywood

·         Start Date : Wednesday 25 November 2015 5.00PM

The presentation will explain how visual supports can be used with adolescents to help with emotional regulation, positive behaviour and reducing anxiety.

Attendees will be able to take home materials made in session such as: emotion key rings, count down cards, and checklists.

This training is free to parents of any post primary pupils in the local area.

If you wish to attend the training please register on the Middletown website.


Year 8 Rugby Success

05/11/15 | Sports

The Year 8 boys rugby team attended a blitz at Ballynahinch Rugby Club just before half-term.

The team performed extremely well recording victories in two out of their three matches.


Year 8 & 9 Cross Country

05/11/15 | Sports

Year 8 and 9 boys and girls competed in an inter-schools cross country event In Kilbroney Park, Rostrevor. Well done to all our competitors for placing well in their respective races. Excellent performances were noted from Aleisha Brown in Year 8 and the Year 8 and 9 boys teams. Keep up your training for the next race in January

Parents’ Association Balloon Release

03/11/15 | General

Please click here to find out more.

Blackwater Students Elect New Student Council

22/10/15 | School Event

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been elected to Student Council 2015-16.

  • Morgan Robinson
  • Bethany Burke
  • Reece Sloan
  • Bailie Mulligan
  • Grace Stewart (Head Girl)
  • Cody Dempster
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick
  • Anthony Roberts (Head Boy)

Pupils were nominated by their peers and then voting was held by ballot box.

NI Water Presentation

21/10/15 | School Event

Year 10 HE pupils enjoyed an informative presentation from Thomas Spratt of Northern Irish Water on Wednesday 14th October.

A major focus of the presentation was to highlight the health benefits of drinking water. Pupils were challenged to guess the amount of sugar in various drinks and were shocked to discover exactly how many teaspoons of sugar are in an average 500ml bottle of their favourite energy drinks.  (20, in case you wondered!) Water is definitely the best option as it is naturally sugar free.

Thomas also helped pupils work out which household activities use the most water. In order to save water he advised us to take shorter showers and provided every pupil with a FREE 5 minute shower timer. No excuses for Year 10 pupils - they shouldn't be a second longer than five minutes!

The presentation was summed up perfectly by Jordyn Wilson from 10LJ who commented that she 'never knew how important clean water is to our every day lives'

Famine Commemoration Ceremony

01/10/15 | General

Year 9 Blackwater Integrated College Students Bethany Burke and Matthew Kyle were chosen to take part in the 2015 Famine Commemoration Ceremony organised by Mourne and Down District Council. This was the first time the event was held in Northern Ireland.

The pupils of Blackwater Integrated College had the opportunity to take part in a poetry writing workshop with well-known poet Deirdre Cartmill. Bethany’s and Matthew’s poems were chosen by Ms Cartmill to be used in the Famine Commemoration Ceremony.

Bethany read at the Albert Basin in Newry alongside Heather Humphries TD, Minister for Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Matthew performed in Warrenpoint at the Famine Plaque unveiling by Heather Humphries TD.

European Day of Languages

29/09/15 |

Blackwater students had great fun during European Day of Languages. Tyrese Stevens and Chloe Hanna won best dressed male and female pupil. Well done to all those pupils who made a big effort on the day




European Day of Languages

23/09/15 | School Event

Tuesday 29th September is European day of languages. Come to school wearing a country’s traditional clothes or colours of its flag. Years 8-10 will be taking part in fun activities during the day and everyone can buy a delicious croissant or pain au chocolat during break from the HE room!

There will be a prize for the best dressed boy and girl.

Homework Hub Returns

15/09/15 | General

Homework Hub is now up and running each day after school.

Please click here to view the timetable.

Blackwater IC students achieve the College’s best ever GCSE grades

07/09/15 | General

The hard work and commitment of  Year 12 students and staff at Blackwater Integrated College, Downpatrick has been rewarded after this year’s GCSE results proved to be the best in the College history with a record number of grades A* and A achieved in a wide range of subjects by the outgoing students.


With over 76% of students attaining grades A* to C in five or more subjects and 50% achieving grades A* to C in five or more subjects including English and Mathematics,   Blackwater’s results are now over 10% above the targets set by the Department of Education for non-selective schools.


As an all ability College there were notable achievements in both academic and vocational subjects by many students. All of the staff at Blackwater are very proud of the achievements of the class of 2014/15 and results highlight the excellent standard of education delivered at Blackwater IC.

Vintage Car Rally

27/08/15 | General

A vintage Car Rally and Treasure Hunt will be held on Thursday 27th August.

Please click here for more details.

Term Dates 2015/16

25/06/15 |

As term draws to a close we wish all students, parents and staff a safe and relaxing summer break.

Please click here to view term dates for 2015/16.

Couch to 5k

25/06/15 |

Congratulations to all students who completed the couch to 5k running programme.  This has been taking place during activities and all students have thoroughly enjoyed improving taking part.

The programme finished with a spectacular run around Gibbs Island on one of the hottest days of the year, the ice cream afterwards was well deserved.

Thank you to Mrs Love for organsing.

Sports Day

25/06/15 |

This years sports day took place on Monday 22nd June, the weather was fantastic and everything ran smoothly thanks to the efforts of all staff and excellent behaviour from pupils.

There were numerous excellent performances across all Year groups.  Particular mention must go the following who set new College records.

Tia Moore Year 9 800m

Aaron Cooper Year 10 800m

Joshua Hunter Year 11 800m

Brandon Brechin Year 9 High Jump

Individual sports day champions were awarded in each year group.

Year 8 - Carly Cranston/Bradley Cherry

Year 9 - Tia Moore/Brandon Brechin

Year 10 - Aaron Cooper

Year 10/11 Girls - Grace Stewart

Year 11 - Josh Hunter

The house competion was as competitive as ever with Inch taking the spoils, the first time since 2011.

Congratulations to all who competed and thanks to the PE Deptartment for organising.

A slideshow of images from the day is available by clicking here.


19/06/15 | Sports

Sportsday will take place on Monday 22nd June.

Please click here to view information sent home with pupils on 19th June.

Cash for Clothes Collection

17/06/15 | School Event

Parents' Council Cash for Clothes Collection will take place on Wednesday 24th June.

Please click here for more information.

Equestrian Success for Blackwater Pupil!

16/06/15 |

Congratulations to Heather Steele on her amazing performance at the Armagh Agricultural show last weekend. She had a very successful weekend and was awarded the titles of ‘Champion Novice Show Pony’ and ‘Reserve Champion Open Show Pony’ on her pony Sarafina. She also placed 1st in the ‘Young Handlers’ division and 4th in the ‘Open M&M’ on her pony Persuasion.

This follows a successful Balmoral Show in which Heather came 3rd in the ‘Open Show Pony’ group on Sarafina.

Armagh County Show is one of the longest-running Shows in Ireland with a report of a Show being held in the City of Armagh as far back as 1829.

We are very proud of Heather and look forward to her future achievements in the equestrian world.

2015/16 Prefects Announced

12/06/15 | General

Congratulations to our new Prefect team for the next academic year.

Head Boy - Anthony Roberts

Head Girl - Grace Stewart

Deputy Head Boy - Ryan Casement

Deputy Head Girl - Rachel Newberry


  • Karl Scott
  • Jacob Horner
  • Curtis McCrudden
  • Quinn Reilly
  • Aston Weaver
  • Owen Dickson
  • Claire Bell
  • Chloe Brannigan
  • Jenny Courtney
  • Leigh Kelly

Busy End of Term

08/06/15 | General

As the end of term approaches there will be multiple events running within the College. Please keep an eye on the events and letters home sections of the website to keep up to date with all that is happening.

Please view this circular to see some of the important events happening within the College over the next few weeks.


Uniform Stockists

03/06/15 | General

As summer approaches many will be thinking about getting unifrom ready for September.

Our official uniform stockists are Marshall's of Saintfield (028 9751 0315)

A full list of College uniform is available under the parents section of the website.

County Down MATHlete Champions!

29/05/15 |

Congratulations to the pupils of Blackwater Integrated College who were victorious in the Khan Academy MATHletes competition! We are proud to be the MATHlete County Down champions 2015!

As well as coming first in the county we also finished an amazing 8th place in the whole of Ulster.

The 4-month Challenge developed students' confidence and competence in mathematics using the online Khan Academy.

MATHletes Challenge is a pioneering maths tournament for the whole of Ireland based on the Khan Academy approach to learning and teaching mathematics.

Students in the Republic of Ireland (from 4th to 6th class in primary school and 1st to 5th year in secondary school) and Northern Ireland (Primary 6 & 7 Students, and Secondary Year 8 to Year 13) were eligible for the 2015 Challenge. Students competed online from January to May through the Khan Academy website, accumulating mastery points in their personal learning dashboards. Students' mastery points were aggregated for a whole school total, which qualified the school for the weekly leaderboard, monthly champion cup, and the All-Ireland MATHletes School Champion title.

Remember, even though the competition is over pupils can still use their Khan Academy accounts to continue help boost and develop their mathematical skills!

Student Council Trip to Stormont

29/05/15 | School Trip

Our Student Council had a fantastic day out at Stormont Parliament Buildings.  We sat in the debating chamber while our MLAs discussed the Welfare Reform Bill, meet various party leaders and had the opportunity to tell them a little about our work in Blackwater Integrated College.

It was great to see how the different parties work together to try and ensure the best results for the people of Northern Ireland.

GCSE Art Exhibition

26/05/15 | Art

A display of GCSE Art will be running in the Saint Patrick Centre from 25th May - 5th June.

We would like to invite you to the special opening night on Thursday 28th May 18.30 – 20.00 to celebrate the high standard of artwork produced by our Year 12 Art students.

Possible Transport Disruption During Irish Open (28th-31st May)

21/05/15 |

There may be disruption to transport during the Irish Open Golf Tournament (28th-31st May)

Please click here to view a letter from the Education Authority concerning transport and timings.

For those pupils sitting exams it is advised that parents do not rely on normal transport in order to ensure pupils arrive on time.

Due to the potential disruption the start times for exams on 26th and 28th of May have been changed.

  • 26th May GCSE Home Economics Unit 1 - 9:45
  • 28th May GCSE English Language Unit 1 - 9:45


Ulster Rugby Design Your Own Jersey Competition

19/05/15 | General

Congratulations to Year 8 pupil Zak Patterson who recently won a competition in conjunction with Ulster Rugby and Kukri.

Zak designed his own version of the Ulster Rugby jersey and was selected as the winner from the hundreds of entries submitted.

Zak was presented with the jersey by Ulster player Stuart Olding on the pitch at Kingspan Stadium during the recent game against Munster.

Kainos CodeCamp

19/05/15 | General

Kainos CodeCamp is a free 2-week course for young people with a passion for IT, where you’ll learn how to build your own Android app using MIT App Inventor. You’ll receive all the mentoring and guidance you need from professional software developers, and you don’t need to have any previous coding experience.

During the camp, you’ll take part in fun workshops about different technologies, and get the chance to play with the latest and greatest tech!

CodeCamp will begin on Monday 27th July and end on Friday 7th August, and take place at Queen’s University Belfast.

You can apply for a place at codecamp.kainos.com

Autism NI Support Group

12/05/15 | General

Please click here for further details about the Down and District area ASD support group.

Year 9 Ultimate Farming

05/05/15 | General School Trip

All students in year 9 visited a dairy farm at CAFRE Greenmount Campus on Tuesday 14th April as part of the Ultimate Farming programme run by W5.

The trip included visiting a working dairy farm were students saw the maternity ward, milking parlour and cow shed. The farmers were able to show the students how the dairy farm worked and the importance of it for farming. Following this students were then shown how the Greenmount Campus used renewable energy such as solar panels, wind turbine and biogas fuel to make heat and electricity. The final stop on our tour was to the engineering shed were we viewed a wide range of machinery ranging from lawn mowers to tractors. Students enjoyed lunch in the walled garden with the opportunity to win prizes during a short quiz.

Students were also given information regarding careers in farming and doing further study at Greenmount once they finish school.

Internal Examinations 19th-21st May

01/05/15 | General

Internal examinations for Years 8-11 will be from the 19th -21st May.

Timetables for various Year groups are available by clicking the links below.

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Petition to Prioritise Integrated Education

28/04/15 | Integrated Education

Please click here to sign a petition asking the First and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland for an elevated prioritisation of Integrated Education.

Celebration Evening for Languages

24/04/15 | School Event General

Pupils from Years 9, 10 and 11 who passed their OLA (Online Languages Assessment) attended a celebration of achievement evening which was held in the school library on Tuesday 10th February.

We were very pleased that so many of our pupils and parents were able to attend. After the presentation of awards, parents and pupils were given a seminar on the importance of languages and tips for success.

Good luck to all of our current Key Stage 3 pupils who will be doing their 2015 OLA exams at the end of May.