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NI Water Presentation

21/10/15 | School Event

Year 10 HE pupils enjoyed an informative presentation from Thomas Spratt of Northern Irish Water on Wednesday 14th October.

A major focus of the presentation was to highlight the health benefits of drinking water. Pupils were challenged to guess the amount of sugar in various drinks and were shocked to discover exactly how many teaspoons of sugar are in an average 500ml bottle of their favourite energy drinks.  (20, in case you wondered!) Water is definitely the best option as it is naturally sugar free.

Thomas also helped pupils work out which household activities use the most water. In order to save water he advised us to take shorter showers and provided every pupil with a FREE 5 minute shower timer. No excuses for Year 10 pupils - they shouldn't be a second longer than five minutes!

The presentation was summed up perfectly by Jordyn Wilson from 10LJ who commented that she 'never knew how important clean water is to our every day lives'