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Aug 31 2021

Year 8 Induction Day (No Transport)

Sep 01 2021

Year 8 & Year 12 Students

Sep 02 2021

All students return

Oct 25 - 29 2021

October Mid Term Holiday

Dec 20 2021 - Jan 04 2022

Christmas Holiday (school ends for pupils @ 11.45)

Feb 14 - 18 2022

February Mid-Term Holiday

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Care & Support

New Year 8 students:

At Blackwater Integrated College, we understand that it can be quite difficult for young people to make the change from primary to post-primary education so care is taken to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. A structured induction programme is in place to enable students to settle quickly and feel part of the College.

We place great emphasis on the pastoral care of our students. The basic pastoral unit is the tutor group, which consists of approximately 20 students. A tutor is assigned to each class and usually remains with the group as they move through the College.

Tutor groups meet each morning before class for registration and announcements and again in the afternoon. These tutorials ensure that a student who may be worried about any aspect of College life has daily access to his or her tutor who works closely with all staff to monitor each student’s academic performance and personal development. The Form Tutor and students are also supported with a Year Head, who provides another layer of support.

Tutor groups also follow a Preventative Curriculum during which students cover a wide range of relevant issues. Our pastoral system is a caring system that aims to put the children at ease right from the first day, free from worries and concerns, allowing them to feel safe and secure in their environment and to grow in confidence. There is also a real focus on promoting positive behaviour throughout all year groups.

As part of the induction programme for our new intake the first day of term in 2021 will be set aside for Year 8 only. This allows the children to settle and form relationships with their teachers and peers; they will spend lots of time exploring their new surroundings. The induction process will continue through the early weeks of your child’s time at the College within our Personal Development programme and will be reinforced by the Year 8 residential, the purpose of which is twofold: to strengthen friendships and build confidence.

During the first term you will be invited to the College to meet with your child’s form tutor. This will be an opportunity for you to find out how well your child has settled into the College and to discuss with his or her form tutor any concerns you might have.

Pastoral policies for Positive Behaviour, Anti-Bullying, Child Protection, Drugs and E-Safety are available on request from the College office.

Ongoing Pastoral Support:

All students have the support of a Form Tutor who they meet every morning for registration. The aim is for the Form Tutor to remain with the same class throughout their time at the College. This structure allows the Form Tutor to take an interest in the student’s moral, pastoral, behavioural and academic development. The Form Tutor is the most important element within the pastoral care system of the College and they link in closely with the Head of Year and the Pastoral Co-ordinator. The Form Tutor will ensure that strong links are developed with the student and their parents / guardians.

As well as developing links with Form Tutors the students are supported at all levels to achieve their best and the College will use external agencies, if necessary to support each individual. All students have timetabled Form periods where they work on structured themes and programmes throughout the year. This helps to develop student awareness around key issues that they encounter on a regular basis.

Pastoral policies are available on request from the College office or can be viewed via this link. 

Staying Safe online

Blackwater Integrated College takes the online safety of its students seriously and builds into lessons the need to stay safe online, at all times.

Students participate in Safer Internet Day and explore the theme of Digital Resilience and Staying Safe online as part of their Form Tutor period.

Supporting your child in the safe and appropriate use of the internet can sometimes seem a daunting task. There are a lot of online resources available to help you support your young person stay safe online, some of which are listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are looking for further advice. Parents are advised to make use of the Safer Schools App to keep up to date with the ever changing world of social media.

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