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Jun 30 2023

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Aug 30 2023

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Aug 31 2023

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Sep 01 2023

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Oct 27 2023

Staff Development Day (No Students)

Oct 30 2023 - Nov 03 2023

October Mid Term Holiday

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Technology & Design


The CCEA GCSE Technology and Design specification encourages students to be innovative and prepared to take design risks. studies explore the creative, engineering and manufacturing industries, as well as the importance of high-quality technology and design. The course has strong cross curricular links to Maths, Science, ICT and Art.

Unit 1 – Teaching and Design Core Content

  • Students will take a written exam comprising of:
  • Designing
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic control systems
  • Mechanical systems and control
  • Pneumatic systems and control
  • Computer control systems

Unit 2 – Option C (Product Design)

  • Students will take a synoptic assessment written exam building on the content of unit 1:
  • Design and innovation
  • Manufacturing practices
  • Materials, components and fabrication
  • Social responsibilities of product design 

Unit 3 – Design and Manufacturing project

  • Students will produce a final practical outcome based on a brief set by the exam board and will produce a sketchbook portfolio of work to support the final piece which will include:
  • evidence of creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making through both detailed freehand and CAD sketches and written annotations
  • research and analysis of products, target market groups and existing designers
  • evidence of research on materials and components needed for manufacturing
  • evidence of a physical model/ prototype making
  • evidence of testing and evaluation of the final solution/ product made




Unit 1 -Technology and design controlled assessment

External Written examination 1hour 30 mins


Unit 2- Optional Area of study

External Written examination 1hour 30 mins


Unit 3- Design and Manufacturing Project

Controlled Assessment



A student who

  • enjoys practical work and experimenting/ problem solving with different materials, techniques and processes
  • is highly motivated to work independently to develop his/her creativity
  • is organised and can manage their time when working towards a deadline
  • can confidently communicate new ideas through drawings and written explanations 


Students of Technology and Design develop desirable and transferable skills, required by many colleges, employers and industry lenders. These practical skills, the ability to solve problems and think creatively will be used throughout your career. The construction industry in Northern Ireland currently needs employees to work trades such as joinery, bricklaying and metal fabrication. Other jobs linked to studying Technology and Desing are mechanical engineering, architect, sculpture.