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Aug 31 2022

Year 8 Induction Day (No Transport)

Sep 01 2022

All Students

Oct 31 2022 - Nov 04 2022

October Mid Term Holiday

Dec 20 2022 - Jan 05 2023

Christmas Holiday (school ends for pupils @ 11.45)

Feb 13 - 17 2023

February Mid-Term Holiday

Mar 17 2023


No event found!

The School

Would you like your children to attend a school where they would be encouraged to achieve their personal best in all areas by a team of highly skilled and professional teachers? Where they develop as confident young people equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century workplace? Where success and achievement are prioritised, regardless of ability?

Now in its 13th year, Blackwater Integrated College has become established as a caring, forward looking school, meeting the needs of all young people in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Based in Downpatrick, Blackwater Integrated College puts a high value on its integrated ethos and as a result parents play an active part in the life of the college and the voice of the students is clearly heard through its Student Council.

From entering the College in Year 8, students are challenged and supported to meet the high expectations of their teachers and their school experience is enriched by a varied programme of trips, workshops and extra curricular activities which inspire their development.

Students are also welcome to transfer to the College throughout the year and limited places are available at Key Stage 3.

For more information contact Mr Taylor at the College on 02844612115 or