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Aug 31 2022

Year 8 Induction Day (No Transport)

Sep 01 2022

All Students

Oct 31 2022 - Nov 04 2022

October Mid Term Holiday

Dec 20 2022 - Jan 05 2023

Christmas Holiday (school ends for pupils @ 11.45)

Feb 13 - 17 2023

February Mid-Term Holiday

Mar 17 2023


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Letters Home

Very often, we will communicate with parents/guardians in the form of a letter.  Sometimes, we will forward letters to home by post. Usually text messages will be sent to the main contact number on our system with a link to this page. All current letters home will be available on this section of our website.

Our aim is to move to electronic communication and we aim to use this website as a key method of communication with our parents/ guardians.