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Music CCEA GCSE Level 2


This two-year course builds on the knowledge that you have already acquired from primary school through to the present day. Over the two years you will actively make and respond to music through composition, performance and listening to a wide variety of musical styles and traditions.

ASSESSMENT – 65% of this course is based on coursework activities

  • COMPOSITION AND APPRAISING (30%)   You will compose TWO contrasting pieces of music (lasting 3 – 6 minutes in total) and keep a diary or log.
  • PERFORMANCE AND APPRAISING (35%) You will perform ONE solo and ONE ensemble piece (each lasting no more than 5 minutes) and be able to discuss your performances with an external assessor.
  • LISTENING AND APPRAISING (35%) You will listen and appraise a range of music from 1600 to present day. There will be a 90-minute test, based on your learning, at the end of the course.



A student who

  • is motivated to work independently to develop his/her creativity through composition, making informed decisions about musical quality, and is committed to achieving high grades
  • welcomes an opportunity to develop understanding of different cultures and traditions
  • is keen to develop their confidence through performance and in writing



  • This course will help students to develop a range of transferable skills which can be used in other subjects and all areas of life, for example, pair and team work, listening skills, organisational skills, self-awareness, self-confidence and public speaking.
  • Music is one of the largest industries in the world. Students who study GCSE Music often go on to have successful careers as performers, composers, administrators and publishers, as well as teachers, Music Therapists, broadcasters, DJs, journalists and much more.