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The College regards the emotional and behavioural well-being of all our pupils of the utmost importance. The College has, in conjunction with Board of Governors and best practice advice from appropriate Education Boards, formulated a number of policies in order to provide a consistent approach across the College to various issues that may arise. These policies provide a framework for all our staff to maintain a consistency on issues such as Homework, Teaching and Learning, and Child Protection. All our policies are available in writing on request. If you require a particular policy please do not hesitiate to e-mail us by clicking here.

Policies which are particularly in reference to the welfare of pupils are available for download below.

Child Protection Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour and Relationships Policy

Relationship and Sexuality Policy

Drugs Policy

Smoking Policy.

E-Safety, ICT Acceptable Use and Digital Safeguarding Policy

Uniform Policy

Complaints Procedure